Live Art Almanac Volume 4


live art almanac
Not a car, nor an issue of Vice: The Live Art Almanac 4, published by the Live Art Development Fund (LADA). Yes, I took this picture myself.

An article I wrote about the artist and film maker Oreet Ashery is included in The Live Art Almanac Volume 4. It’s one of my favourite interviews with an artist I had the pleasure of doing as well as a personal highlight in regards to writing up (read: fun). You can read the original here (published last year on The Wire website).

There’s a lot of other great looking stuff in the almanac: click here to find out more and/or buy a copy, if you like. And if you’re in London, specifically Hackney Wick or nearby on 28 June, there’s an opening at The White Building from 7pm. I won’t be there, unfortunately – instead I’ll be somewhere in western Canada on an island attempting to build a fence to keep wild and hungry animals out.

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