Nine Futures at CPH:DOX


“Water on Mars and Donald Trump in the presidential race – it’s hard to predict what the future holds in store. The same is true in the festival world, where today’s era offers sound design and production that constantly challenges the boundaries of what both sound and a festival is. In ‘9 Futures: Sound Fragmenting’ the director and The Wire journalist Nathaniel Budzinski travels around to some of Europe’s most forward-looking sound festivals and films while the experiments run amok…”

If you’re in Copenhagen 8–11 November and you have an evening free please come to one of the two screenings of myself and Theo Cook’s new film.

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  1. 9 Futures: Sounds Fragmenting / Requested for 12º Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de La Plata Festi-Freak (Argentina)

    Dear Nathaniel Budzinski & Theo Cook,
    We are Marcos Migliavacca and Paola Buontempo, programmers of the Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de La Plata Festi-Freak.
    This film festival is one of the most relevant and inviting cultural event in La Plata, capital of Buenos Aires, Argentina. We settled 12
    years ago with the idea of showing and giving premiere to films and authors that don´t usually get in theaters as well as reviewing greatest masters of cinema´s filmography.
    It was born from the urge to visualize films that offers a personal look outside the conventions, FestiFreak bet for new directors willing to take risks, focusing on films that are developing in the margins.
    Our 12th edition will take place from 14-23 October 2016
    We would be especially interested in previewing the film 9 Futures: Sounds Fragmenting.
    We’ll appreciate if you provide us with a link (in case you have one, with spanish or english subs) for the pre-selection process.
    You can find all the details about the previous editions of our festival on our website (only in Spanish, sorry!)
    and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
    Here, also we send you the catalogue edition
    of the 11th.
    We’ll appreciate if you take part of our festival.

    Kind regards,
    Marcos Miglivacca – Paola Buontempo
    Festifreak Programmer

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