Artists novels

150728_018CL_cmykI’ve got an article in the new issue of frieze – ‘Why do artists write novels?’ Here’s the first para:

‘There’s widespread anxiety surrounding a particular plural possessive noun: artists’. Despite many artists happily ignoring disciplinary boundaries, the inconsistently applied s+apostrophe lingers awkwardly. I recently heard LUX Moving Image Agency co-founder Mike Sperlinger give a talk about how descriptors like Artists’ Moving Image or Artists’ Writing reflect an institutional impulse to categorize activity as much as they imply an artistic desire to integrate or own other disciplines. ‘We don’t have artists’ painting,’ Sperlinger joked. Anyway, I thought to myself, whose film, video or writing was it in the first place?’

Also featured are Brian Catling (pic above), Gerry Bibby, Katrina Palmer and more.

Read it in full here